An Introduction

Schaeperkoetter FamilyI never thought that I would get into blogging and I certainly didn’t think that I would have one of my own. When the idea of my own personal blog was brought to my attention, I immediately thought of all the reasons why I wouldn’t do it. After some thought and consideration, I really thought I could get used to it and enjoy the process. The Lord has blessed me with so much: an amazing family, amazing friends, amazing employees, an amazing business, amazing clients and countless amazing opportunities. I thought that this would be a good platform to share some of those things with the people who I don’t interact with on a daily basis and maybe people who I don’t even know.

I am not even really sure how the content of this blog is going to play out. I will more than likely start with myself and my family, work my way to my Signature Homes family, talk about my amazing opportunity to help build homes for America’s most severely injured soldiers, and talk about all the interesting things that happen in my daily life.

I do definitely consider myself one of the luckiest human beings alive. I was born into an absolutely amazing family, married my high school sweetheart, and was blessed with two crazy boys who light up my world every day. I am anxious to share some of my family stories in this blog.

As many of you know, my employees are very important to me. I have some of the most talented and dedicated people I know working with me and helping me build Signature Homes into a top notch custom building company. I take great pride in every one of them and am excited to share some of their stories and talents with everyone.

I hope to post to this blog as often as possible and I guess we will all see how much I really enjoy it based upon the number of blogs I am able to compose. I succeeded with the hardest blog, blog number 1. I think I may enjoy this process.

Have a great day,

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